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Back to Square1 with John Maxwell: December 2nd & 3rd, 2013

Thank you for being part of our previous, current and future Associate Trainer team!

Here at EQUIP, we greatly appreciate your commitment to joining us in using the Million Leaders Mandate materials to develop international Christian leaders who will fulfill the Great Commission in every nation! As we continue to look to the future of EQUIP, this event is a unique opportunity to prepare new Associate Trainers for ministry and connect existing and former Associate Trainers with EQUIP’s culture, vision and impact from the heart of our founder, John Maxwell.

For those of you who are new to the Associate Trainer Program, SQUARE 1 is a mandatory event before you are sent internationally. As we have had the privilege to train millions of leaders around the world, we have made some important discoveries. One of them is how challenging it is to bridge the cultural gap as communicators. EQUIP’s success hinges upon your ability to effectively communicate the Million Leaders Mandate leadership material to its desired outcomes.  This event will include programming focused on communication. You will also be immersed in the culture and vision of EQUIP, be provided an essential overview of the training process and gain a greater understanding of the role you play in the international ministry of EQUIP.  

You can attend any SQUARE 1 event, but this one is quite special with the opportunity for John Maxwell to be part. It also comes weeks before the Maxwell Leadership Center open s to the public and EQUIP moves its offices to that location. Stay tuned to EQUIP social media as new details are unveiled!


To sign up to attend the EQUIP SQUARE 1 training, please fill out the registration form on the Registration link provided on the left side of this webpage. You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation arrangements.


Please contact Christopher Brown with any registration questions or for general information about Back to SQUARE 1 with John Maxwell.


Christopher Brown